I’ve been a client of Robbie’s for almost 3 years and highly recommend him! Robbie creates a warm and healing space for each session, easing you into it by catching up on your condition and needs. He is a very precise and focused massage therapist, and his techniques and approaches evolved with my needs and with his helpful suggestions and new ideas. Robbie really cares about you beyond your sessions, always sharing great advice for ways to maintain and improve your physical health. I will miss our sessions!
— Peter J
Being in IT, you’re primarily desk bound all day. This can lead to a lot of structural issues. I met Robbie two years ago when I was suffering from upper back issues. I also occasionally suffer from lower back problems, because of Avascular Necrosis of the hip. In just a few sessions, Robbie was able to alleviate my aches, adding to my regimen a holistic approach to posture, stress reduction and breathing. He focused on treating the person and not the ailment, and was thus able to make a real breakthrough. I shall truly miss Robbie and wish him all the best in his future endeavors, as he continues to spread his wealth of knowledge and talent.”
— Rahul N, IT Manager at a leading Boston financial firm
What separates Robbie apart from other massage therapists is his uncanny ability to find the exact muscles that are tight, and be able to target and work them. This comes from his unmatched knowledge of anatomy paired with his understanding of people, and compassion.
— Aliza G, owner, ASG Photography
Working with Robbie has been a terrific experience. Since starting a regular massage therapy regiment, Robbie has helped alleviate much of my chronic neck and back pain. In particular, his combination of massage and cupping allows for deep tissue manipulation and focused work on multiple problem areas. Robbie is also really great at tailoring each session to address particular issues or just to jive with your current mood. As soon as I walk out the door I feel better, and I’m already looking forward to my next session.
— Zach A.
As a professional musician, I appreciate Robbie’s attention to detail and his responsiveness to my specific tensions from performing. He checks in at every session to see how the usual areas are doing and if anything new needs specific attention. Robbie’s expert deep tissue and cupping techniques combine to create consistently relaxing and beautiful results
— Jason F, violist, A Far Cry
Robbie Zev is a rare find. He continues to expand his repertoire of techniques and really listens to your needs as well as gives you suggestions to stay healthy. He can give you a deep tissue massage or use a lighter touch with compression, and sometimes I need one technique more than the other. The greatest testimonial I have for his skill is how long the effects of his massage lasts for me. There are many good massage therapists out there, and you always feel great after having a good massage, with the effects lasting the day and into the next. However, what is unique about Robbie’s technique is, I still feel really good after the 3rd and 4th day. Call him. You will not be disappointed!
— Donna F. Teacher
Robbie’s great gift is his ability to listen and tune in to the whole person. He is practical, focused, and not trying to sell you anything but greater comfort in your own skin. Monthly massage with Robbie has been the best investment I’ve made to keep my body and spirit well in the midst of a stressful job and busy life!
— Parisa P, nonprofit executive director, Cambridge, MA
Robbie is a true massage therapist with a passion for and dedication to healing. I’ve been a client of Robbie’s for about 2 years now. During that time, he helped me through severe hip pain, a previously injured rotator cuff, and the standard posture, shoulder, and neck issues that come from working at a 9-5 corporate desk job. Through working with Robbie, I learned the true healing power of massage as well as the preventative power of breathing and gentle movement. I recommend Robbie any chance I get and I thank him for everything thus far! :)
— Alex B, HR Professional
A massage with Robbie is an experience of being known, of co-creation. I’ve been transformed by my massages with Robbie because of his deep listening, skill, and compassionate touch. I really appreciate his open and respectful presence. I feel cared for and safe. I have benefitted tremendously from his precision of touch - knowing the spots that are causing me pain, stiffness, or contraction, and spots that I didn’t even know were causing me stress. He senses in the moment what is needed in a particular area - he is deeply intuitive about touch and pressure. My massages with Robbie have a vitality, freshness, positivity, and sense of calm about them that I then am able to carry with me.
— R.G, mindfulness and compassion researcher and teacher
I have been getting deep tissue massage from Robbie for nearly a year now, and would highly recommend him to anyone. He is fundamentally talented at the art, but he also really goes above and beyond to bring the latest techniques to his practice. He genuinely cares about his clients, does research to best serve their individual needs, and follows up by email to see how you’re doing afterward. It’s a personal touch I’ve come to appreciate very much!
— Monica S
I knew from the first session with Robbie that he was going to be a great therapist for me. I had what felt like a bad ‘crick’ below my right shoulder. It was always painful to some extent and interrupting my sleep. Robbie did intense work on my shoulder and it took a few sessions for the pain to resolve, but it did. Robbie is focused, thorough and listens to his clients to address their specific physical and mental needs. It is clear that Robbie stays on top of the art and science of massage therapy - and with his clients’ permission - applies new and different kinds of massage methods. I have never signed up for any kind of package of massage therapy sessions, but it didn’t take me more than two sessions with Robbie to know I needed to see him regularly. Colorado is so fortunate to be getting Robbie and his new practice, Zev Wellness.
— Wendy C, IBM
Although we haven’t worked together long, Robbie has helped me improve my outlook on health and fitness, always greeted me with kindness, and taught me exercises to keep my body healthy, strong, and pain free. I came to Robbie with throbbing pain running down my legs and into my feet. He asked me questions about my daily routine, my exercise habits, and posture; through his honest interest and determination to ease my pain, he figured out that the throbbing in my legs was most likely due to the way I stand: on the sides of my feet. He asked me to be aware of my posture and stance for the next month, and I immediately found relief. The pain in my legs diminished drastically the first month, and as I continue to work on my posture and stance, the pain continues to lessen. I am extremely grateful for Robbie’s sincere interest in my health and well-being. This, along with his calm, approachable nature, has made him the best massage therapist I have worked with. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.
— Elyse M, High School English Teacher
I’ve been Robbie’s client for almost 2 years. The reason I looked into massage therapy is due to the fact that I work long hours and my posture is not great. I was getting severe muscle aches in my neck and throughout my back. Robbie helped me monthly with relaxing my tight muscles, using cupping and massage therapy. He even took the time to research and gave me “take home” stretches that helped me greatly. I always felt a weight was lifted off of my shoulders after each appointment. He truly cares about your well being and I highly recommend massage therapy with Robbie.
— Marissa A, DMD, Business Owner