I offer memberships to those empowered to pursue self care, looking to improve their lives and rest comfortably in their bodies and minds. Being proactive with monthly massage slows knots and trigger points from building up, making our time together much more effective, so you’ll feel better between sessions. I’m happy to be there for you if you pull something and need my help! But I’d rather work together, aiming for less overall pain and tension, so those emergency calls are infrequent or non existent. Memberships are geared towards those interested in pursuing massage as self care.


Membership Details

  • Once a month massage at discount.

  • Each additional massage is also the Member price.

  • Membership includes free cupping ($8 value)

  • May be shared with a partner

  • Only a 2 month commitment

  • Months may be skipped, with notice

Membership Price

45 Minute - $60 (save up to $13)

60 Minute - $75 (save up to $13)

75 Minute - $93 (save up to $15)

90 Minute - $110 (save up to $18)

Cupping - Included

Book Now - (970) 658-0187