What is Massage Cupping?

Massage Cupping utilizes suction to release tight muscle and tissues. It is an amazing adjunct to deep tissue work, allowing the techniques to be more effective, more quickly. I use silicone cups in my practice.

Moving Cupping is the gliding of a cup over an area as a warm up to loosen the tissue in a more thorough, faster way than fingers are able to. Along with its utility, people often say that it feels amazing, too.

Stationary Cupping is the placement of cups on specific, targeted points to keep a steady suction, which allows tighter tissue and trigger points to slowly loosen up. This lets more blood and oxygen into tissue that was previously too tight to receive it. When cups are placed on the body, finger work is performed on another area, so two places are effectively being treated at once. Stationary cupping can leave marks, which go away in 2-7 days typically and are just aesthetic- nothing to worry about!

What does that look like in a session? Cupping in a massage is incorporated seamlessly and feels naturally integrated. Moving Cupping would start the back segment to warm up and loosen the entire area. After some finger work, cups might be placed on strategic points on the upper left shoulder and the lower left back is then massaged by hand. Then, continue to do the same thing on the right side. Every session is different, so this is just an example. 

Pricing - $8, incorporated into a treatment. Try it free.

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